Home Buying Tips

Our mission at Monticello Homes is to ensure our customers have an exceptional home buying experience. We’ve shared our toptips for buying a housein your ideal neighborhood and what you should consider when buying a new Monticello home.


Know Your Budget

Before you start researching locations, homes and builders, set your budget and know ahead of time what you’ll be able to afford as a down payment, monthly payments and what you are willing to spend over time for the home you’ve always wanted.

Do Your Research

Research the neighborhoods you want to live in first. You’ll want to consider future resale value as well. Monticello Homes are built in the most sought-after communities and offer exceptional amenities. It’s important to do your research in advance to see what you’ll find close by and if it meets your criteria.

Standard vs. Options

Know the details. You’ll want to review with your building professional what is standard vs. what is considered in an option so add-ons don’t add up and impact the budget you set for yourself.

Consult on Legal Documentation

No one likes surprises when it comes to buying a new home. So, unless you are a lawyer it is always advised that you review all paperwork along with a real estate lawyer and your agent to ensure everything is in order and as agreed to in negotiations prior to signing anything for your new home. Also, be sure to ask for HOAs contracts in advance. Ask for HOA contracts so you understand all rules and regulations prior to finalizing your contract. 

Closing on Your Home

Before you are handed the keys to your new luxury estate you’ll want to attend a walk through to ensure the home is built to your specifications. It is also recommended before signing any final paperwork that you have a third party home inspection to ensure everything is built to code. 

Moving Day!

How exciting to move into a new home! You’ll want to be sure to give yourself ample time if you are moving from another home or apartment before any lease or other residents move into your old home. And to take the stress off you, professional movers are highly recommended!

Be sure to check back with us often for morereal estate buying tipsand articles.